computer with feetUsing Technology as a Tool

In Literacy




Goals for Class


·      Give an overview of ideas and strategies for utilizing technology in the delivery of reading and writing instruction

·      Introduce the programs Kid Pix and Claris Works as a tool for facilitating literacy instruction

·       Explore educational links that offer language arts resources



Your Tasks

1. Open another window


       Highlight the http:// address for this page and copy it by depressing the “apple” and “C” key. Click on file and click “new window.”  Paste the address into the new window that appears.


2. With a partner, go to the link below and read through all the pages together by clicking on the forward arrow button. Discuss other possible applications that can be utilized using technology in the balanced literacy model.




Go to


   Click on the hyperlink that says “Create New Account



       Create the new account by filling in the blanks and following the directions.


Go to this page and follow directions



      Using the tips below and one or more of the search engines...  search for something from your curriculum or current classroom themes. 

Ex:  “first grade” + “Saint Patrick’s Day”


 Tips for Using Search Engines


u Use lowercase letters. This will access documents that include upper and lower case letters.

u Use 5 to 7 keywords to narrow the search.

u Try putting the noun first since the engines tend to rank documents higher using the first term given.

u Use quotation marks to combine key words into phrases. This will produce exact matches.   For example:  "balanced literacy“

u Combine 2 or more concepts in a query by putting + between the word.  For example:  kindergarten + "shared reading"



6.      Explore some of the sites below. As you find sites you like, bookmark them in your ikeepbookmark account or send the links via email to yourself. You can do this by copying the link and pasting it into the email.

         Teacher Sites to Explore


Reader’s Theatre Web Sites



Lesson Plan Sites



Game Sites


Stories on Line



Music and Shared Reading Sites



Authors on the Web


Graphic Organizers



Parts of Speech Stories


Kid Pix


Making Leveled Books


Miscellaneous Sites


Charlotte’s Web Links



Additional Information


To Print the desktop on a MAC

  Apple + shift 3...go to hard drive and look for file that says picture 1.

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