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Congratulations to:

 Skyview Student, Mariah Stiffarm:  2011 Montana Student of the Year

 Billings Schools Director of Indian Education, Dulce Whitford: 

2011 Indian Educator of the Year



     The state of Montana is home to 7 Indian reservations and 12 tribal groups. Six percent of the state’s total population, nearly 53,000 Montanans, are American Indians. Each tribe has unique cultures, traditions and histories. 


      This site was created to offer Billings K-12 educators Internet resources to provide instruction on the cultures,  heritage, and contemporary issues, of the Montana tribal nations.


      Teachers will find links to information that can assist them in learning and teaching  the required state standards, benchmarks, and requirements established through "Indian Education for All."


Important Sites to Visit


OPI American Indian Education Website


  OPI American Indian Education Ideas for

Implementing Indian Education forAll


Famous Mont. Indians


Lesson Plans

Local  Landmarks



State Standards & Benchmarks


Tribal Flags

American Indian  Heritage Days


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