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Printable Books to Reinforce

 Sight Words

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Games to Use to Reinforce

Sight Words

Word Wall Activities Great  take home books from J. Bonzer (click on mini books on the left side of page)
Heidisongs is a website that has songs and movements for all the sight words. DVD's can be purchased but she also has free samples.

Click here for the Heidisongs Website that has ordering information and  videos of the songs & movement.

Click here for the free downloadable songs

Click here for more free downloadables

    Click on the picture for a copy of the Scott Foresman Scope and Sequence for introducing letters and sight words.  Thanks to Melissa Soucy for adding the comprehension strategies scope and sequence. 

    Kim Beatty uses this activity to teach the word "likes."  It remains on the wall and children can continue re-reading it when they "read the room."

       The poem to the left (Sung to "Are You Sleeping Brother John) can be used for a shared reading to teach the word "go."  A larger copy of the poem can be put by the door and children can sing it when they leave each day.

Click on the picture for a printable copy.

       Michelle Andrikopoulos made shared reading pieces (left) out of the Scott Foresman kindergarten books.  After  reading the shared piece several times, the individual books are given to the children during independent reading to help reinforce early strategies and learn sight words.

Angie Paris used this innovation of The Old Lady who

Swallowed a Fly to teach the word "and."


      Lori Paulson reinforces several sight words by having children respond to the song below sung to "Are You Sleeping?"


Are you listening?

Are you listening?

Yes, I am!

Yes, I am!

Listen to the voices,

Of kids who make good choices.



        To the left is a book that children can cut-up and put together to make their own copy. Children can learn how to use picture clues, learn one-to-one pointing  and the words, "he," "she," and "is."  After students assemble and read the book, have them find the word "is" on each page and highlight it. 

    A possible extension would be to brainstorm other action words and write them on a graphic organizer.  Work can also be done on the "ing" chunk.

Click here for a copy of the book   

Clip art for this book was taken from:


        To reinforce sight words, Courtney Niemeyer (first grade) has "passwords" that children  say when they leave the room.

    After reading Cat's Colors, Lori Grimstad's class used the shared reading to the left to learn color words and the words "is" and "it." This is also used as a center and the above sheet is put in individual poetry binders.


Click on the picture above

 for a copy of the poem.

     The paper to the left can be used with the above center to extend the activity. 

Click on the picture for a

copy of the page

      Mandy Miller reinforced sight words and color words with this interactive writing activity.

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