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These 8 1/2 by 11 inch letters can be used for "Making Words" activities in kindergarten.  The vowels are printed on red cardstock and the consonants on white cardstock. Children sit in a circle and are each given a letter. The teacher can ask several students with letters to come to the front and make a word.  The children take turns coming up to the front and changing a letter or two in the existing word to make different words.

For example:  change "cat" to "hat" to "hit" to"pit" to "fit" to "fin" to "fun" ...etc.

To get copies of these letters, click on the picture.  Fonts and sizes may need to be adjusted to accommodate different computers. 



You can also click here for a PDF copy of the letters
   Click on the picture to find ideas for alphabet songs that can be used for shared reading.
    Click below for the cards to go with sign phonics.

Front of Cards      Back of Cards

     Click on the picture to the left for large copies of each of the letters. Click below for a link to D'Nealian handwriting ideas.

D'Nealian Handwriting Ideas

    Here is a copy of the alphabet song that can be reprinted for children to trace over the letters and then add to poetry binders. Prior to giving the poem to children it should be a shared reading in a pocket chart or on the overhead.

Click here for a printable copy of the poem

Click here for a copy of the poem with arrows to show where to start the letters

     This shared reading piece (sung to Bingo) can be used to teach the vowels. Children can also get their own copy to trace over letters for handwriting practice.

Click here for printable copy of poem. 

   Doretta Lambert uses this poem as a shared reading to reinforce letter recognition, teach the terms "before" and "after" and the sight words, I, am, the, my, and what.  She puts different letters in the blank before each reading.

    Using the Alphabet Song for shared reading gives children opportunities to gain confidence as a reader while teaching alphabet recognition and concepts of print. This is from Colleen Cook's classroom.

      This shared reading from Celeste Peel's room is a follow up to the big book, Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom. The letters are written on a sentence strip and drug through a slot during repeated readings.

      An easy center from Doretta Lambert's room is putting a sentence strip above a dry erase board and letting children practice writing the letters.

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