Alphabet Charts

       The shared reading of the alphabet chart is a key element in the kindergarten classroom. Children are given opportunities to interact with letters and sounds daily in a non-threatening and engaging way.  By varying the task, the teacher can motivate students to frequently revisit the chart so they become fluent with letter recognition and sound-to-symbol analysis. In addition to becoming proficient at these skills, children become familiar with the chart so it becomes a resource to link to during shared reading, interactive and independent writing.

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Large Alphabet Chart


       Click on the above picture for the graphics to go with the Jack Hartmann CD (Shake, Rattle, and Read). The pictures can be put on a large chart paper and children can follow along with the song while learning letters and letter sounds.

      Click on the picture above to access a printable version of an individual student ABC chart.  This can be printed and put in student folders and be used by children during journal and independent writing.


 Click on the picture to the right for clip art to go with the Jack Hartmann vowel song on the Shake, Rattle, and Read CD. The pictures can be put on a chart to help children learn the vowels and some of the sounds the vowels make. Make sure to tell children that several of the vowels make additional sounds. (Thanks to Carol Clapper for submitting the images.)

Click on the picture on the right for alphabet cards to be used for phonological awareness activities. They can be cut in half (where you see the dotted line) and then folded so just the letter or picture are seen. 


Alphabet Letters for Building

Words in a Pocket Chart