First Grade


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Center Ideas


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Center Ideas from FCRR

   This site has center ideas for Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Comprehension, and Fluency.  Go half way down the page to find  files that can be downloaded to your computer.

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This center is used to reinforce what children have learned about phonograms ("chunks").  The chunk that has been worked is written on the middle of a piece of butcher paper and children brainstorm all the words they come across or can make from the identified chunk.



From Melissa Ash



     To the right is an example of a rotation chart for centers.


From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom



     The week's word wall words are put into this magnetic letter center.  Children practice making the words on the magnetic board.


From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom


      A large drip pan is used to store big books for this center. Children can easily slide the books out from under the easel to take turns rereading books that have been  used for shared reading.


From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom



     A concept sorting center provides practice in sorting a theme that has been taught in a whole group setting.


From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom


     Poetry Binders provide practice of poems that have been used in shared reading.


From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom



      While writing the room, children practice writing high frequency words from the word wall.



From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom


     For this book making center, children find a small book and pictures of food in baskets (see picture on right) and write little books about things they like to eat.  This center changes to match themes and seasons.

From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom

      Children get practice writing words from the word wall in this center.   A wooden cube is programmed with words from the word wall and the students practice writing the word each time it is rolled. 

Click here for a copy of the sheet


From Jenny Barkac & Deena Bartsch


     For this center, students match words to the phonogram (chunk) they find in the word.

From Wendy Martin's room

     This is an example of storage for the pocket chart center.  The sentence strips are cut up and children return the pieces to the envelope after building the poem on the pocket chart. The poem is printed on the front of the envelope so the students can self check.

From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom


     Students look at the pictures and then practice stretching out words using markers and stamps.  Children write the vowels in red so they can check to make sure they have included a vowel in every word.


From Courtney Niemeyer's classroom


     Children use special glasses (these are 3D) and clipboards to practice writing the room and words from the word wall.



From Becca Egan



     Flyswatters with holes in the middle are used to read the room and find particular words or chunks.





From Becca Egan's room


     After studying the features of  non-fiction and fiction books, children practice sorting in this center.



From Courtney Niemeyer


     After reading the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr., children sort capitals and lower case letters at the letter center.



From Courtney Niemeyer


     For this writing center, children use sentence prompts and clip art to make small books.  This can be differentiated by varying the prompt with more difficult words.



From Courtney Niemeyer



   Children at this center can write down a question that other children pull out of the box and answer.



From: Marisol Ryan's classroom


     In this classroom, children practice words independently by reading sight words as they crawl across a path of  words that have been laminated. Click on the picture to see a larger version of this picture.


From:  Marisol Ryan's classroom

  Children practice sight words by creating the word with magnetic letters and then recording the word on a piece of paper that says, "I wrote these words with magnetic letters: "

From: Courtney Niemeyer's classroom

     To practice sight words, children search in magazines for the targeted words and then cut them out and glue them on brightly colored paper.

From: Courtney Niemeyer's classroom

     Big Books that have been read many times as a class can be moved to centers to read or to highlight specific skills.


From:  Lori Paulson's classroom

    Click on the picture for a link to kindergarten literacy centers. There may be some centers that are either appropriate for first grade or that can be modified.

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