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Observation Form Quarterly Report Kindergarten Ranking Sheet

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(From the LLI Summer 2011 Class)

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Alphabet Flip Chart

Common Phonograms

Alphabet to Use

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Word Chunk

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Letter ID Sheet

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Nursery Rhymes

Alphabet Clip Art 

Possible Games for

Small  Group (Word Documents)

Alphabet Activities

Alphabet Stickers

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Roaming Ideas

Blend Chart

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LLI Poems RIMS Homework Folder
Magnetic Letter Site Billings Struggling Reader Website
Billings RIMS Blog

Internet Games

  Blending Words Website

Computer Phonics Games

 Alphabet Game/Starfall

 Phonics Skills/Starfall

 Making Words Site

Teaching Phonics

Skills Activity


Cut-up sentence letter

(From Carl's Way Website)

Strategy Chart for Parents


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Intervention Principles

Taking a Running Record Tutorial

Phonological Awareness

Theory & Activities

Video of LLI Lesson