Student Information

Attaining Goals

Rakesh Sah came to The United States in 1993 from India and is participating in our Phlebotomy and Medical Coding Certificate programs. He started these with us in 2008, and by utilizing our open lab scheduling and flexibility of our programs, he has nearly completed both of these certificates. His hard work and dedication to lifelong learning is admirable and serves to be a great role model for other students who want to continue their education.

"Deanie is willing to work with you and the program allows you to work at your own pace. A great learning opportunity and a great experience."
-- Rakesh Sah
Medical Coding and Phlebotomy
"Rakesh has been a very devoted student who has put all of his extra time towards his schooling and has succeeded in completing all of his prerequisite classes as well as Phlebotomy. Because he has disciplined himself in his time management, he has gone through his classes in record time. Good going, Rakesh!"
-- Deanie Hawkins