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About the GED

The GED Tests (2002 series) measure knowledge and skills in five different areas: language arts, writing; social studies; science; language arts, reading; and mathematics. An important feature of the GED Tests is an essay requiring the ability to write well. The GED Tests usually require some preparation on your part; overall, good basic skills at a high school level are needed to pass.

What: GED Orientation required prior to testing
When: Testing on Wednesdays by appointment only

GED tests

Language Arts, Writing, Part I
50 questions
75 minutes

Language Arts, Writing, Part II
45 minutes

Social Studies
50 questions
70 minutes

50 questions
80 minutes

Language Arts, Reading
40 questions
65 minutes

50 questions
90 minutes

A graduation ceremony is held each spring!

Take the test by April 1 and walk down the aisle!

Please call (406) 281-5005 for more information and registration questions