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 Technology Tutorials


    Using District Systems

Zangle and TeacherConnection

General Zangle Tutorials
Logging in to Zangle
The Zangle Environments
Clearing Cookies & Temporary Internet Files
TeacherConnection Tutorials
Taking Attendance in TeacherConnection
Setting up & Using the Seating Chart
GradeBook Tutorials
Entering Year-End Marks: Elem Teachers
Student Profile Tutorials
Using the Student Profile
Telephone Reference & Tutorials    
Telephone Reference - A Visual Guide    
Telephone Reference - With Sidecar (model 55i)    
Telephone Directory    
Telephone Dashboard   Using the Dashboard
Telephone Tech Support Reference    




Managing Spam with Barracuda

Using the Server

Using other District Systems

Tutorials for Administrators



Using District Email - D2Apps



Macintosh Tutorials

Macintosh Tutorials

Using Apple Works



Windows Tutorials

Windows Tutorials



Productivity Tutorials

Using Easy Grade Pro

Using Apple Works

Using Word

Using Office 2007 New

Using Excel


Using the Internet

Searching the WWW

Using Nettrekker Educational Search Engine




Mimio Resources & Tutorials


Tutorials in Flash Format



Technology Tips & Tricks



Exploring Google Tools

Video Tutorials for Google Apps




Other Technology Tutorial Resources






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